Monday, 29 July 2013

PML-N falls into MQM's trap

Drums rolled as Ishaq Dar stood behind the podium to address a press conference flanked by Info secretary Pervaiz Rasheed and Babar Ghouri of the MQM. Ghouri, supporting a newly placed hair transplant looked fidgety but satisfied. Finally, PML-N had won the support of the MQM, albeit just for the Presidential election which N league is almost certain to win.
The two parties have had a love-hate relationship ranging back to the 90s. MQM cried foul play after the '92 operation cleanup in Karachi and yet decided to sit on the government benches soon afterwards. In 2011, when MQM briefly quit the federal cabinet, friendship was in the air as Dar and Raza Haroon of the MQM shook hands but it turned out to be short-lived as the Karachi based party made another U-turn to join the government again.
After the May elections, Altaf Hussain taunted Nawaz Sharif by calling him "leader of the Punjabis" and asking him to look into the issues of smaller provinces.
If we rewind, Nawaz Sharif had openly criticized Altaf Hussain for being behind the terrible law and order condition in Karachi. Chaudry Nisar went even further by threatening to reveal the "secret condition" of Altaf Hussain to which Waseem Akhter replied by criticizing Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif's hair transplants.
This video sums up the two parties' relationship. 
Now, apparently, all these accusations have been forgotten. Altaf called Nawaz "his brother" just like he was a brother to President Zardari during the past 5 years. Ishaq Dar vividly remembers the "pakoras" he had with Altaf Hussain. I feel these "pakoras" are not going to sit well in PML-N's stomach and we might see the same outbursts that we have become accustomed with during the last five years.