Sunday, 26 May 2013

Achievements of the PPP Government

This article is not satirical like the rest of my posts on this page. I will try to highlight some of the policies of the PPP Government which might be of long term importance to Pakistan.
  • ·         18th Amendment: A topic which was under discussion during the elections of 2008. This amendment stripped the powers from the President (the incumbent Asif Zardari) and handed them to the parliament. The most important of these clouts was the power to dissolve the parliament, as mentioned in article 58(2)b. This clause was added to the constitution under the Supremacy of General Zia ul Haq. He used it to dismiss the Junejo government in 1988. This clause (and its predecessors) were also used in 1990 (by Ghulam Ishaq Khan against Benazir Bhutto), in 1993 (against Nawaz Sharif) and 1997 (by Farooq Leghari against Benazir Bhutto). Nawaz Sharif did away with this clause during his second regime, but it was reinstated by General Musharraf in 2002.
  • ·         NFC Award: Provincials spats have been common in Pakistan, so it was a relief in 2010 when Punjab (thanks to the generosity of Shahbaz Sharif) gave a share of its resources to other provinces through the NFC Award
  • ·         Completion of five-year term: Although it was marred by corruption, previous governments found it extremely hard to complete their tenure.
  • End of political cases: No cases were formed against any political adversaries. Although, Zardari did try to manoeuvre the judgement of 1999 Airplane hijacking case, later no such activities took place and Zardari called an end to horse trading in his address to parliament in 2009.

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