Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Taliban expresses delight over reopening of NATO supplies

Taliban commanders celebrated the reopening of the NATO supply route by Pakistan by performing their local Sheedi dance and firing into the skies. Smuggling goods from NATO supplies has been the source of riches for many Taliban commanders.
"Life had come to a halt," explains Itwaar Khan, a Taliban commander  posted in the Paktia province. "Jumma had to postpone his wedding because the army suits were not available due to the blockage."
Zameeruddin found other reasons to be happy. "Our beards were turning white due to the paucity of Garnier hair colour. It gave the people the impression that we were growing older and would not be around for long." He even says that he had written a letter to the US suppliers to provide brown hair colour as well as red one in order to allow camouflage opportunities with clay mountains in the background.
The smuggling has caused major problems for US military personnel. A Mr. James complained that gunpowder is stolen and replaced with niswar, causing the guns' aim to be wobbly. The smuggled goods are said to cost the US Army $1 billion per month.

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