Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Malik Riaz returns to Pakistan

Malik Riaz, the central character in Arslan Iftikhar suo moto case returned to Pakistan amid speculation about what "evidence" he would present in the Supreme  Court. "These bags you see, they are all the evidence I will present in court," Riaz pointed towards the 3 briefcases and 1 handbag he was carrying while talking to the journalists at the airport.
Riaz looked fit, showing no sign of health issues that he allegedly been getting treatment for in London.
Next day, Riaz stormed into the Supreme Court, carrying the same baggage and "no-commenting" journalist questions. Inside the court, Malik Riaz opened the first briefcase and took out Swiss chocolates, "Pure ecstasy, no one makes them better than the Swiss." From the second briefcase, he brandished a collector's pre-release edition of the Dark Knight Rises. Riaz was about to open the third briefcase, when the CJ asked him to stop. "What rubbish is this?"
To this Riaz replied, "Evidence my lord. That's what Arsalan demanded that I bring from London." To this claim Arslan replied, "this is just a pack of lies. I demanded Dark Knight Rises's BluRay disc with the cast's commentary."
Later in the day, Riaz addressed a press conference, which began with the recitation of the Quran and then a 10-minute documentary on Bahria Town. Riaz asked 3 question from the public. 
1: Was he pulling off the clean shaven look?
2: Was the documentary 5 minutes too long?
3: What is a BluRay disc?
Meanwhile, in the late night shows speculation was rife about the contents of the third briefcase. "The briefcase contained Hussain Haqqani's Blackberry set," was Shahid Masood's opinion. "The briefcase had files for plots of Bahria Town Phase 5," the Bahria Town administration stated after which the likes of Nazir Naji were seen contacting the property tycoon.

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