Friday, 4 May 2012

Rohrabacher calls Pakistan a failed state

Dana Rohrabacher, the man who came into media limelight after his views on freeing Balochistan, has set the media ablaze once again by calling Pakistan a failed state. This allegedly has been said in a letter to Pakistan's PM Yousaf Raza Gilani. 

Now I do not understand what Mr. Rohrabacher's criteria is for judging when a state fails. It is a fact that Mr. Rohrabacher voted NO on the bill for supporting Pakistan's democratic institutions in 2009. He voted YES on keeping sanctions on Syria in 2007 in the case that Syria did not do away with its WMDs whereas he voted YES to supporting India as a nucleur power. 

Now one does not need to be a psychiatrist to notice the duality in Mr. Rohrabacher's statements. His arguments are as stupid as his name. Firstly he does not support the U.S. government when it wants to support Pakistan's democratic institutions and then calls Pakistan a failed state. Then he supports the US in approving  the former's nuclear technology. How the hell does he think that Pakistan will prosper when this goon, Rohrabacher is approving India's nuclear technology, giving Pakistan's army chief even more reason to increase defense spending and reducing money spend on infrastructure and welfare?

His double standards are also apparent in the fact that he supports India in obtaining nuclear weapons and wants sanctions on Syria for its WMDs (Iraq Part II). What is India going to use its Nuclear technology for? For cooking foods?

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  1. "his arguments are as stupid as his name" :p