Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rehman Malik's "juvenile" explanation

 Every time I write a post about our honourable Interior Minister, I make sure that I'm not letting my emotions get the better of me. But this time, it was impossible to do so. Mr. Rehman Malik is back with another of his "genuine" explanations. We thought, he couldnt top the "girlfriends and wives behind Target killing in Karachi" explanation, but I guess we were wrong.
When asked by a reporter, why was there a need to lower the age of responsibility from 17 to 12, Mr Malik answered: "Pakistani children eat curry, that leads to juvenile crime." 
Honestly, I can't believe how this man provides such answers with a straight face. With youtube filled with Islamabadi, Lahori debate, I'm surprised no one uploaded the video: Sh%&t Rehman Malik says. I'm also surprised why the reporters stopped at that. When they had got hold of Rehman "Baba", they should have inquired him for an explanation for Zulfiqar Mirza's disappearance, Veena Malik's antics, Firdous Ashiq Awan's cry-athon and King Z's $60 million in Switzerland.

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