Wednesday, 16 November 2011

US to veto Palestinian UN bid

As all of us have heard and read, the US plans to veto the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition in the UN. I am not surprised. The US has always been a supporter human rights and civil movements, but only when these take place in countries where there is oil, gold or other resources. 
So just by looking at the US's plan to veto this bid does not say much. During the 2008-2009 attack by Israeli forces on Gaza strip, the US took a "neutral" approach by not suggesting any sanctions against the Israeli state.

Then came the attack and hostage-taking of the freedom Flottila vessel. And the case of building of new settlements in illegally captured territory is a whole different case all together.

As mentioned earlier, it is no surprise that the US will veto the Palestinian bid. What is ridiculous is that the US suggests that this problem should be resolved by the Palestinian Government and the Government of Israel by holding bilateral negotiations. Why wasn't the National Transition Council of Libya asked to negotiate with the Gaddafi regime? Because they were offering a great chunk of oil resources of Libya? 

Barak Obama said during his policy speeches that two nations based on the 1967 borders are the only solution to this problem. How are you going to implement that plan, Mr. President? 

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