Tuesday, 7 December 2010

SHAME! Shame!

As I write this post, I see this breaking news on the ticker, "Julian Assange denied bail". The thing that I'm puzzled about isnt the denial of bail though. Assange has apparently been arrested for sex offences in Sweden. Funny, that these sex offences had to come up at the very time that Assange turned into a villain for politicians worldwide. We all know that the real "crime" Assange committed was to upload thousands of documents revealing the Grand Fatherly character that USA plays in world politics.
The hunting and the arrest of Julian Assange is a shameful act, since Western nations are the torch bearers of freedom of expression. It was these Western nations who cried foul when Muslims protested against the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Not only did he not get arrested or punished for his act, the artist was given protection by the state of Denmark.
Why then, is Julian Assange being dragged to court for the same offence which he has immunity under the banner of Freedom of expression?

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