Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I few days ago, the lawyer of Charles Taylor (former President of Liberia) was the guest on HardTalk. Those who don't know Charles Taylor, he was controversial during the last two years of his presidency, and was later indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.
What really shook me and forced me to write this post was the question the lawyer posed to the host. It went something like "... I would add Iraq to the list too, why is it then that African Presidents are tried under International law where as there is no
chance of a Bush or a Blair standing in front of the ICC."
I, myself was against Charles Taylor and the Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir for the war crimes they had committed. But the question of the defence lawyer got me to think a bit negatively about the ICC, who claim to be the International criminal court, but their jurisdiction, it seems, is only among the African nations.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

SHAME! Shame!

As I write this post, I see this breaking news on the ticker, "Julian Assange denied bail". The thing that I'm puzzled about isnt the denial of bail though. Assange has apparently been arrested for sex offences in Sweden. Funny, that these sex offences had to come up at the very time that Assange turned into a villain for politicians worldwide. We all know that the real "crime" Assange committed was to upload thousands of documents revealing the Grand Fatherly character that USA plays in world politics.
The hunting and the arrest of Julian Assange is a shameful act, since Western nations are the torch bearers of freedom of expression. It was these Western nations who cried foul when Muslims protested against the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Not only did he not get arrested or punished for his act, the artist was given protection by the state of Denmark.
Why then, is Julian Assange being dragged to court for the same offence which he has immunity under the banner of Freedom of expression?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani - The Savior?

The topic of this blog is a video which has become very popular in Pakistan during the past month. The video, which focuses on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, portrays Pakistan's Army Chief as the rescuer of Pakistan. The intense 3-minute video also portrays Pakistani politicians as American puppets, a view which has become common in Pakistan during the past few years. I would like you to post your opinion on the video, and enlighten us if you have any extra information regarding the topic. The video is attached below.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Draw Day and Blasphemy

Im sure everyone has heard of the uproar in Muslim countries over the Draw Day that was supposed to be on the 20th of May. Advocates of free speech have had sore throats shouting that everyone holds the right to express their opinions.
I agree with them but lets analyze the case a bit further. When I looked at the Draw Day official page on Facebook, the description read, "we are going to draw pictures of Muhammad because it upsets some people." Now take a deep breathe and think, is this freedom of speech. You are expressing yourself, not because you disagree with a particular point of view but, to ridicule a personality which in this case was Holy Prophet PBUH. According to anyone with a tad bit of rationality this cannot be characterized as freedom of expression. A basic requirement of freedom of expression is to make sure you do not ridicule the beliefs of others.
Moreover, this isn't the first time that someone has set out to ridicule Islam. In 2006, the caricature issue was another such incident which enraged the Muslim World.
What was even more amazing was the stubbornness shown by Facebook regarding the Draw Day page. It was against Facebook's policy regarding hate speech. Even then, they did not remove the page knowing that Muslims around the world were not happy.
Under such circumstances, it left the Lahore High Court and PTA no choice but to ban Facebook, in order to register our protest.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A glue ad

I was working on an advertisement for glue and I just had this idea. I've attached the ad/picture below.

Special thanks to: for the original caricature.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Interesting misconceptions: Part 1

This post is a little different from the previous posts. Some might come up with "conspiracy" theories for the reason behind such a post. But the reason is simple; this is the first post of the New Year 2010 hence I'd like it to be a little different.
All of us have heard about Napolean Bonaparte, the French general who seized control of France as the First Consul in 1799. We've heard about his military conquests, his one working arm and his fear of cats. All these are TRUE. But the one thing that is wrongly attributed to Napolean is his height. Many historians assert that Napolean was short heighted; around 4 feet tall. They justify their claim by referring to his title 'the little corporal'. This is not true. Infact Napolean stood 1.7m tall at a time when the average height of men in France was 1.68m. The title of little corporal was pinned on Napolean not because of his short height but because even as a young military officer he was vicious and fearless. Due to his fearless behavior Napolean earned his title.
I'd like to add more misconceptions through further posts so stay tuned (I so feel like mythbusters right now) ;).