Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Bhutto-ISM

' Aj Bhi Bhutto Zinda Hai Kal Bhi Bhutto Zinda Tha ' This statement has been streaming on various media platforms, public speeches and PPP hangouts but the essence is still quite vague for many people specially people like us who have a increasing interest in politics so I decided I should give my opinion on the matter as this is our vantage point here what we say matters ;) .

The statement if translated in English means ' Today Bhutto Exists and In The Past Bhutto Did Exist ' I never quite get this when I hear Asif Ali Zardari (not Asif Ali Bhutto) Husband of late Benazir Bhutto and Current president of Pakistan say this. Also what furthermore confuses me is when I hear 'Bilawal Ali Zardari Bhutto' son of Zardari say this.

On investigation into the matter this means street research and breaking into Top secret archives containing facts and literature on the existence of Pakistan and interviewing the establishment it was established that every Pakistani has this gene suppressed by hunger, illiteracy and injustice. This next level contagious gene with Z.A.B nature, which comes to life on joining The PPP. If you don’t get what I mean then yes this is rocket science.

What scared me was if I was infected. Then I began the search for a true Bhutto and on googling it the first result was Fatima Bhutto on secretly designing a UAV and sucking her blood and sending it to khan Labs for DNA testing it was discovered that she did not possess the gene now I was in a situation where all my research and hard work was of no value the question was and is still unanswered.

The truth comes to life with joining PPP and I do not possess the same mental or physical strength to do so. So until the truth finds me or I find the truth to satisfy the back of my head I think existence of Bhutto is a state of mind a fundamental principal or a fact from the parallel universes which is why its above my mental faculty.

In The end I hope Late Benazir Bhutto and her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto find a home in heaven and all their sins are forgiven.

Jack adds: I guess this Bhutto mentality can also be attributed to the people who support the "ORIGINAL" PPP which was formed under ZAB and are against the party which is lead by Zardari today.


  1. The name "Bhutto" was given life by Zulfiqar. Not overlooking all his flaws, he was a charismatic personality, in a way like the more recent Musharraf. There will always be those who love both these names and those who hate them. As would be those who will cash in the name to their monetary and political advantage, without being in touch with the ideology or the charisma that made (and eventually killed) Zulfiqar.

  2. Riddler820 aka Fark29 December 2009 at 08:16

    Nice ! Are you inspired by Nadeem Farooq Paracha's work, Anci ??