Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Our True Enemies

The question that really matters now is who is responsible for destructive situation of South Asia? I personally agree with the people who advocate the idealogy that blaming the west is a work of defeatist, small minded humans. If I am weak and your powerful than I should work on my weakness so that it is not abused. Pointing the finger at the west especially at America is merely a ploy used by politicians to save their skin. Yes, US is a nosy superpower but all the problems of South Asia cannot be credit to it. Take illiteracy for one. Illiteracy is widespread due to the negligence of the respective governments and not due to the CIA. Infact, illiteracy coupled with unemployment is the main cause of terrorism. Take the supply of basic commodites such as water, grain and sugar. The US cannot be blamed for these shortfalls.
When the British were ruling over us, we used to blame them for all our miseries. Now we blame our governments and the US. How long can we move along in this manner? Our real enemies are these blame games and our incompetence. IF we, the people of South Asia, today decide that enough is enough and we won't blame others for our problems, but will do whatever we can to help ourselves and our countries only then can we bring progress, growth and enlightenment to this region.


  1. Most of Pakistan's problems are definitely internal: illiteracy, poverty, injustice. And we cannot find a solution to our current problems without solving these issues.

    But what needs to be kept in mind is that there ARE external elements (both Western and Eastern) active in Pakistan, exploiting these problems.

    Ignoring them won't make them go away.

    "You cannot sweep your floor clean if you leave your window open."

  2. Amamzing man , the words are actually touching my heard.. AMAZING job anci !!

  3. Riddler820 aka Fark19 December 2009 at 12:26

    >>> Aachoo

    And we "keep" all this stuff in our minds so much that we have found all sort of crazy conspiracy theories to justify our mistakes... :-X