Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Lahore Attack: Salute to all Martyrs

This post is not the normal article that I write nor is it about who I think is involved in the attacks. We here at Anci's Vantage Point want to salute all those who lost their lives in the Lahore attack on the Sri Lankan team on the 3rd of March.
I, Jack, am myself from Lahore and the Liberty roundabout is my route from college to my house. Luckily I had decided to skip college on the 3rd. 
Anci and I are very proud of the brave policemen who sacrificed their lives in order to protect their guests, the Sri Lankans. There are reports that security was not foolproof but we will discuss that later. 
The picture above is of the Traffic Warden who was gunned down by the terrorists. Another angle of the picture and the roundabout is in the picture on the right (please forgive my camera for the hazy picture) which I shot from my mobile phone.
We are proud of the people listed below:
  • Tanveer Iqbal (Traffic Warden) - in the pictures above
  • Faisal Rasheed (Punjab Police)
  • 5 other Policemen of Punjab Police's Elite Force
  • Zafar Khan (The driver of the officials van)
  • Mehr Khalil (Driver of the players bus)
We would also like to thank the Sri Lankans, for coming to Pakistan amid security threats and pressure from India, and the match officials. And not to forget Mr. Ahsan Raza, the umpire who was injured seriously in the attack. We pray for his health and hope that he regains fitness soon.

If you know the names of any of the other five policemen please post them in the comments.


  1. I wish all the people who died Allah unhain junat adha fermaye.
    btw without pin pointing any one it is evident that only external forces can can do something so planned why dont we also play the allegation game and keep our options open. also i was thinking it could be katchay (raw) and they could have made TTiger do it who they support publicly. so no trace on them is seen.

  2. Good blog yaar main apna likhna bhool gia i will sooon inspiration puker lee hai.

  3. the other day there was news that Lashkare Tayiba (LeT) had links with Tamil Tigers (LTTE) dating back to the 90s.

  4. This was RAW's doing. No question about it. Even LTTE pointed to this. Why would a terrorist organisation (say, LeT) do something and then not own upto it?

  5. Finally a post, ... I also think that an external hand is involved in this case because the terrorists have never targetted any of the teams.

    India is trying to isolate us from the cricket fraternity ...