Monday, 23 March 2009

23 March 1940 ( Pakistan Resolution )

On 23 rd March 1940 the basis of our identity was decided. On this day All India Muslim League Gathered for there annual meeting in Minto Park (Iqbal Park). Great leaders Liaqat Ali khan and M Ali Jinnah gave speeches of how diverse the Muslims and the Hindus were. Also ideas like (two nation theory) presented earlier by Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan were revised. This day marked the beginning of the struggle which led to the creation of Pakistan. Our ancestors achieved Pakistan through dedication, determination and a dream to follow the truth. On 14 august 1947 they succeeded in creating Pakistan and altering the course of history. This marked a new chapter in the world politics and till this day forces exist which are not satisfied by the existence of Pakistan. Creation of Pakistan also marked the existence of the first of the two countries created for religion. We as Pakistanis wonder if we really are following the vision we were created for. This web page is also an effort by jack and I to revive principals that defined us on 23rd March 1940. I think being a Pakistani is not a identity its a state of mind.

I will write a blog on the personal accounts of people who created Pakistan in near future so there memories could be preserved.


  1. Will you please elaborate this sentence ...
    " I think being a Pakistani is not a identity its a state of mind "

    I believe that we are not following Mr. Jinnah's ideology for this country. He never wanted to involve Mullahs or Religion in the business of the state... his speech of 11th August 1948 is a clear indication of his views... too bad the establishment always try to hide the real facts...

  2. riddler>> yaar its cool sentence i just thought daaal daytah hoon ;)
    i guess whatn it really means is that only a pakistani can really understand what it is to be a pakistani
    yaar i personally belive pakistan was made for islam other wise we did not need to get a seperate homeland, congress was promissing a homeland with stake but we muslims would have not survived under heavy hindu majority and also still it is very common in india where they discriminate on religion

  3. riddler>> yaar the clergies the reason why clergies are hated is because they are not well aware of the real msg of the religion khudhi socho in pakistan all the people from sligthly less well off background spend money and send all children who r brainy to school and the less brainy go to mudrassahs so that kind of people then become clergies if we encourage people to get religious education and have a standard exam and syllabus then we can get clergies who give the right msg *** actually yaar yeh mullah wala issue bhuhat acha hai is pay bhii blog likh sukta hoon ) ;) tc AH

  4. >> jack yaar yaad hai buchpun main when we went to minar e pakistan and we saw all the small houses and used the dooobeen telescope or binoculars to see as well i guess we were 4 or 6 years old then we went with tai abu and i guess the lift was khiraab as well then.

  5. Well, I don't have any grudges against the religous scholars ... one of my mamoo is also very religious but he is not that narrow minded ... he is well aware of all the happenings of this world, whether its science, arts or even Hollywood ... ;)

    I just don't like the type of guys who have taken control of Swat valley ... the Molana Sufi Muhammad and the Mullah Radio ( Mullah FazalUllah ) ... they should be executed even without a trial...

  6. @ Anci... i guess i remember... yeah n we had to walk all the way up the stairs.... plus we used to go to madrassah as well... haina?
    @riddler... We cant call Fazl Ullah a Moulana... coz he doesnt kno anything abt islam... Islam never banned girl's education... Islam does not aLLOW killing innocent i guess he ISNT a moulana technically...

  7. yaar technically to these people r being supported by external forces who they them self do not know of and they are making changes in religiouys teachings for there and the external forces gain which in my eyes is shirk because they r not depending on Allah. i agree a mulana should be openminded and he should know what happening around the world.

  8. >>> Jack

    Well, he is technically quite advanced as he uses FM radio ( YO man, you are listening to Mullah radio FM... lol ) ;-D

    But, I don't have a clue that why the military is not able to trace the signals in this modern age ??? they say they don't have the proper equipment to do such an operation ...
    A couple of weeks ago, I saw Prof. Hood Bhai slamming Maj. Gen Ather Abbas's remarks that the military doesn't have the capabilty to trace or block Mullah Radio's transmission...

    Prof. Hood Bhai further said that such gadgets can even made by an amateur electronics buff to trace or block signals