Sunday, 21 December 2008

Benazir Bhutto's assasination and change in the political atmosphere in Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto (late) was a former Prime Minister of Pakistan. On 27th December last year she lost her life in a terror attack on her election rally. 
The purpose of this post is not to relate how she died and which people were involved in her death... that can be discussed later. 
First I want to relate some of her achievements. In 1989, Benazir was awarded the Prize For Freedom by the Liberal International. On 11 December 2008 Bhutto was awarded the 2008 UN Human Rights award for the her services for poor people of Pakistan. This award was recieved by her son.
Unfortunately she was shot at and killed on 27th December 2007. General Elections were scheduled for January 2008 in Pakistan and death changed the whole scenario. Three days holiday were announced by the President of Pakistan. Bhutto's husband, Asif Ali Zardari, who Bhutto had asked to stay in Dubai while she herself had decided to go back to Pakistan, came to Pakistan on the night of her assassination. Surprisingly (and it can be said to be a positive move) the Pakistan People's Party did not boycott the election. They did not even ask for their postponement (although they were later rescheduled for February). Mr. Zardari took over the command of the PPP which people thought would be taken over by Makhdum Ameen Fahim who is a senior member of the PPP. Zardari then led PPP into a successful election campaign where PPP won seats in all four provinces and also has a good chunk of the seats in the National Assembly. 
Many people thought that Mr. Ameen Fahim would be nominated as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but no! Mr. Zardari nominated Yousaf Raza Gillani as the PM of Pakistan. At this time people were thinking that maybe Asif Zardari just wants to lead the PPP without having any seat in the NA. But Mr. Zardari had other plans. He succesfully removed President Musharraf from the office of the President, with the help of Nawaz Sharif and MQM (who were actually supporters of Musharraf but at the time of impeachement they changed faces), and then even more surprisingly took over as the President of Pakistan. In short Benazir's assassination favoured her husband who is now the most successful man in Pakistan. 
Mr. Zardari still has the 17th Amendment's powers although before impeaching Musharraf he had stated that he would give these powers back to the Parliament. 
Benazir's death was for the restoration of Democracy and democracy has been restored in Pakistan but still people do not know whether and if the rule of Democratic government is better than that of a Dictator.

Thanks to Enum for the corrections.


  1. jack u have perfected the art of artile writing.

    Listen do u remember zardari said i called Motherma on her "Blckberry"(cud have said mobile) minutes b4 she was attacked what dose this mean.

  2. thank u
    1) that zardari thinks every1 owns a blackberry
    2) zardari was unaware of the danger mohtarma was facing

  3. ok so far i have only read benazir's bit...pretty good stuff.....tum dono bachon ne kafi mehnat se yeh banayi hai...well done for that!!!!!!

    btw anas i was really wondering wat is anci? then i realised oh its his nick spelt out like this....n as for jack..baitay apka itna acha pakistani naam hain phir jack kyon....neways keep up the good work!!! :)

  4. Amna called you bachas... lol

    Well, in the last paragraph:
    Benazir's death was for the restoration of Democracy and democracy has been restored in Pakistan but still people do not know whether and if the rule of Democratic government is better than that of a Dictator.

    Because nothing has changed, the mindsets of the ruling class is still the same. They are doing what Musharraf did earlier. That's the main reason that people don't care about who is governing them whether it's a democratic government or a dictator.

    Although I don't write much, but can I share some articles with you guys ( at your blog ), they will keep you updated about the happenings of the country.

    Waiting for your reply on youtube.

  5. @ Amna Baaaaaaaaaaji
    ummm... well theres nothing behind the nicks... they are just NICKS ;) n we have already stated that we are from Pakistan so it does not matter watever we use as our screen names

    @ riddler
    sir we have devised a method for u. anci will explain it to u soon

  6. @ jack....yeah i know because i went on urs and ansi's profile and saw ur pics there...yeah it doesnot matter with the name i was just saying thing i have noticed is that you two have a lot of knowledge about politics in pakistan..its good to see that todays generation is involved in it...:) great work once again!!!!!!!!!

  7. Benazir's assassination like those of others before her will remain shrouded in mystery. We still dont know who shot Liaquat (incidentally at the same venue) or who pushed the button when Zia was blown to pieces. Even the more obvious deaths, like Zulfi for instance, have unseen hands pulling the strings.

    Its only when we start asking questions as a nation that we will get somewhere with the answers.

    Good work on the blog!