Friday, 12 December 2008

Antivirus 2008: A Hoax

A few days ago while looking for a suitable FREE spyware program I came across Antivirus 2008. By the looks of the welcome screen this software looks exactly similar to Microsoft's AntiSpyware program but in reality it is a counterfeit Antivirus program which is actually a spyware itself. 
Im not the only person fooled by this software. About 80% of Windows XP users have been tricked into installing this program and deleting it isnt very easy. Infact it is very difficult for an average PC user to note that this program is actually not from Microsoft. A screenshot of the program is pasted here and if your PC has been infected by this spyware follow the link below to learn how to delete this program.
This software is also for Sale under the names: AntiVirus 360, Antivirus 2009, SpyFalcon, etc.


  1. u r rite
    ppl shud know of these major problems because when our computers lose data its the worst thing that can ever hapen.

  2. My Cousin's computer got infected by this program (here in Pakistan).
    His father downloaded this software considering it an update from Microsoft.