Saturday, 29 November 2008

American Drone Attacks in Pakistan

American drone attacks inside Pakistan's boundaries have created new problems for the government of Pakistan. Starting from the attack in May 2008 in Damadola (which was initially owned by the Pakistani authorities), the drone attacks increased in intensity in September, when a land raid also took place in which 16 innocent people of Angoor Adda were killed. 
Since September about 20-25 American drones have attacked Pakistan (im still trying to confirm the figure).
All these attacks have been breaches of Sovereignity of Pakistan as well as being human right violations. I would like to highlight the land raid in Angoor Adda.  It was a heinous attack which took life of innocent Pakistanis including women and children. Were the NATO commanders blind that they couldn't see who were they firing at? Surprisingly the UN Human Rights Commission didnt see this raid/attack and the slaughter of young children and woman as human right violations. There was no reprimand for American authorities. The U.S. authorities released a statement following the attack which said that the attack was based on wrong information.
What if, Osama bin Ladin (although I believe that he is dead but still) releases a statement saying that the 9/11 attacks were based on wrong information. Will the US forgive him?
The Pakistan Government on the other hand has condemned the attacks and asked the US authorities not to attack areas inside Pakistan. During President Zardari's visit President Bush assured him that no more attacks would take place, but hours after the announcement another drone hit the Tribal Areas. I m not a fan of the Government of Pakistan but I must say that they have used all means through which they could condemn the attacks and have tried to get the World's attention on the matter but unfortunately nothing has been done by other countries. The only available option for Pakistan is to stop the strategic aid for the NATO soldiers that goes through Pakistan. I think this option should be exercised as it is the innocent Pakistani people who are suffering in the American led war on terror. 
As a conclusion I would like to put up a question: the American forces and Bush administration have not been able to find Osama for the last 7 years nor have they wiped out terrorism out of this world, so does the World expect all the terrorists in Pakistan to be caught/killed in the last 4 months of the Bush Regime? 


  1. The way the americans do things, is quite hilarious... the will eventually wipe the whole world in wiping out terrorism, it's like killing some nasty flies with a bazooka... ending up in destroying your own house.

    I am living here in Karachi, the living conditions here are so pathetic that people don't want to think about such issues ( like the question you have asked in concluding the whole article ).
    We talk about this stuff in our drawning rooms and people condemn it too but those people at the helm of the affairs are not just interested in doing any thing. I mean not even showing any signs of Progress or development in any field whatsoever.

    Someone from Pakistan

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