Sunday, 14 September 2008

Who Are We

Well ....!
Jack and I have know each for a long long time i guess i have only lived 6 days of my life without knowing him.

We both share the same passion of young man who are willing to empower our society so they can make better decisions. Unfortunately we are about 6000 km away from each other so writing on blogspot will provide a platform for us to express our views and gain a better understanding of what people overseas think.

Thank you

Please comment and suggest new things to us. We like it when we get to know new people with diffrent ideologies.

PS. Jack is in Asia and I am in Europe so we belive we are quite aware of the challenges faced in east and west.

1 comment:

  1. Here is someone from Karachi,Pakistan.
    I liked your blog and your ideas. I think you should also read some stuff from Pakistan.
    You can make an account on and you can read the whole newspaper there.